Write with a Purpose

A few years ago, before Zora was home, I became frustrated.

Frustrated over the lack of children’s books I could find pertaining to adoption.

There were some other things I noticed that drove me bananas as well, and then an idea clicked.

I left the last of bookstores I’d searched through with Ro and O, drove home, put them down for naps, and started writing.

And I’ve written several stories since.

All inspired by adoption.

All unique in their own way.

And after editing, and re-editing, again and again, and having them read by friends and family and some people I don’t know, I reached out to some friends that draw/sketch/are way more gifted than I in illustrating to ask if they’d be interested in taking a stab at one or more of my stories…I now have the completed illustrations for one full children’s book in hand.

I know this might make several of you jump for joy.  Especially those that have been begging me to *do this already!*

One step closer.  One HUGE step closer.  I’ll be reaching out to a contact in the publishing world this week as well as looking deeper into self-publishing now that I have illustrations.

I haven’t mentioned this before on my blog, but I just really feel like now is the time.

Hi.  My name is Emmie.  I am an aspiring Children’s Book Author.  To bless adopted children and adoptive families, while creating books the whole family can enjoy, whether adoptive or not.

I’ll keep ya, posted!!!!!

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