This past Saturday was the 7th Annual Lipscomb Adoption Rally. YAY! If you don’t know what that is, here is a brief summary: Lipscomb gives ALL proceeds from the ticket sales to their women’s and men’s basketball games on that particular day to adoptive families in the middle TN area. We were one of the four families chosen to benefit.

Lipscomb partnered with us to bring Zo home and now they have partnered with us to help bring “Little Brother” home too <3

Their Adoption Rally is also their Star Wars day.  We were SO SAD to have missed the Star Wars characters.

You read that right.

We MISSED them.  They typically stay the entire length of both games but this year, they only came for a portion of one of the games.

Everyone that came out in support of our family missed them 🙁  We were so sad.  I reached out to the “Battalion” to find out when they will be appearing again in the middle TN area so that our kids will get to see them.  And I want the other families to have the opportunity to see them too!

Our kids were SO adorable in their costumes, even if this was the only picture we got….

I don’t think any of the families that came out for us came out just to see the Star Wars characters….still, it is sad none the less.  And it is sad that Lipscomb lost in the last few seconds of the game after being ahead every second prior 🙁  Still, we cheer for the Bisons 🙂

We haven’t received totals yet; however, 30 people were there for our family!  So unless they came without purchasing tickets, that will bring in at least $300 for this adoption.  I can’t wait for the “official” email telling us totals.  When I receive that, I will update it over on our Fees page.

What I did not expect…families that weren’t able to come giving anyways.  At church on Sunday, a couple gave us the sweetest card with a donation basically saying, “we weren’t able to make it to the game, but if we had, this is what we would have given.”  Isn’t that awesome?!  We praise God for that gift.  It was completely unexpected.  True selfless love and kindness.  Then another couple asked us if they could do the SAME THING!  And I’m 99% positive these couples hadn’t planned together to do that, yet they both separately felt moved to help bring “Little Brother” home.  When we aren’t actively pushing fundraising yet people are still moved to give….there is a sweetness to it that completely humbles me and Zane.

God’s got this.  He continues to show us that.  He continues to humble us in this journey with actions that tell us before we ask, He has already answered.

Before we even ask, He has already answered.

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