It is the season of Thanksgiving.

I finally put the Ornaments up on our “Thanksgiving Tree”…we haven’t made our official 2017 Thanksgiving ornaments YET, but I’m sure we will sometime over this week.  (This is so simple and an absolute joy in our family!  I pick up clear, plastic ornaments at the store.  We write different things we are thankful for in that particular year on a slip of paper, then put the paper in the ornament.)

Though we haven’t done the ornaments yet, we did manage to write on paper leaves this past Saturday…thus making a smaller ‘Thanksgiving Tree’ for our mantle.


As people are getting ready to feast with family and friends, I rejoice that a little girl is home with her forever family.  If you ordered one of our “Purpose in the Wait” tshirts, you already know a little about her story 😉

Then there is a little boy who I wrote about recently who doesn’t get to come home to be with his family…yet.  Still, I rejoice with his family that the Lord is sovereign and loves this little boy more than we can ever imagine.  He sees fully.  We see dimly.  And the Lord, in His grace, will unfold this story as He sees fit, in His time.

I look at these Thanksgiving ornaments and am reminded how long we were rejoicing and praying and yearning for Baby Seals #3. This was my ornament from 2013…we had been in the adoption process for 1 year at this time.  We started the process, then found out we were pregnant, gave birth to little O in May 2013, and then in 2013 at Thanksgiving, these were the things I put in my ornament:

God had provided and been gracious to us in SO MANY WAYS, and what I wrote down….doesn’t even begin to paint a beautiful enough picture.

Zo wouldn’t even be conceived until 11 months later.

An ornament reminds me of so much.  It doesn’t surprise that I was thankful for the Lord’s provision. Or our new home. Or our health. Or Zane’s new position.  Or for our little O.  But…it does surprise me a little that I wrote down “our adoption journey.”  I remember so much tiredness during it.  So much crying and waiting and praying and longing.  But that ornament tells me something different.  It tells me there was thankfulness and rejoicing in the journey.

I know it to be true.  But it is not the mentality that I remember most during the journey.

But this…it convicts me and encourages me to be thankful.  During waits.  During “not yets.” During whatever season of life God has us in.  Because as easy as it is for me to hold that little plastic ornament…it is far easier for the Creator of the Universe to hold me in His hands.  And you.  And everything that He has planned.

I can look back over our ornaments since 2011 and be thankful again and again…watching our family unfold and what the Lord has done already.

Even when I don’t know where He is leading, I can trust Him.

He is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving.

Including His provision and His plan for whatever journey He is unfolding….


Funds Provided so Far:
Total Estimated Cost: $17,538-20,538
(fluctuates due to if our birth mother has medical fees)
Funds Provided so Far: $3,078

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