Super Hero Bling

This weekend, I will be a Vendor at the White House Library of Fandom convention.

I am so excited.  It is all things geeky, and comic-y, and fantasy.

There is even LARPING!

I’m debating crocheting Elf Ears…hmm.  I’m dressing as Guardians of the Galaxy “Gamora” again.  Not because there is a costume contest, but because, hello!  Dressing up isn’t just for kids 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed getting ready for this event by beading and looping some Super Hero themed items.  I even hand-drew several “Batman” logos on a yellow and black growth ruler.  If I had the time, I would’ve crocheted several Marvel items that I’ve been itching to make, BUT, since this adoption journey looks different and I’m making sure crafting does not get in the way of spending time with my littles, I’m just not going to get around to it.

Still, I think these will be fun for Super Hero fans that stop by the Moments Sealed booth.  If you are local, come on by!  I’d love to see you!

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