Stalled and Raised

June has been an eventFULL month.  I mean, I’m looking very forward to July.  And Zane is making sure I don’t overbook myself <– June was crazy.

Crazy and worth it.  But crazy!

June is filled with anniversary after anniversary of things to do with Zora…not to mention mine and Zane’s Engagement Anniversary.  It has been a great month to be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness.  Of His steadfastness.  Of His grace.  Of His strength in the midst of our weakness.

And a great reminder of seasons…that seasons come and seasons go.  And the Lord is with us through them all.

You probably want an update on where we are in regards to pursuing potential #4 <3

Well….. our home hasn’t sold yet.  We went under contract over a month ago, after looking for a home comparable to ours with acreage since August 2015, we finally found one, and signed our names to a contract contingent on us selling ours.  We never imagined a scenario where our home would be sitting *still* on the market for over a month.

(If you are side-eyeing us trying to sell our home and buy a home while dabbling about in an adoption process again, you can rest easy knowing 1) I blogged about that in the last post and 2) some equity from our home could lend a helping hand if/when needed. 🙂 )

We were within *signing off on our Home Study* when we went under contract.  I was doing fine, just resting in the timing of it all, knowing with full confidence that God has this and He saw it coming all along.  Now that our home continues to not sell…and our Home Study could’ve been signed off on a month ago….my patience is starting to wear thin.

But this month has been the continual reminder my heart and soul needed from the Lord.  He has this.  There is purpose in the wait.  And while we’ve been in this busy season, funds have trickled in.  Little by little and adding up.  $1,744 has been raised <–this cracks me up!  In a good way!!!  We had discussed Zane being in charge of wood working custom beds for the adoption fund.  And yet, life has been such that he hasn’t been able to do anything since building the girls their bunk bed.  Meanwhile, I’ve had 3 craft shows and several orders via Facebook, bringing what we have raised through crocheting, growth rulers, and necklaces to $1,744.  I smile. I laugh. I stand amazed that God has brought all of that in.

I smile deeply knowing the Lord has provided all of that while allowing me to keep this journey different than before (you can read about that here). This whole journey is different.  Slower.  Gentler. More peaceful.


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