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I have not mentioned my writing on here in a few posts, and there has certainly been some movement in that arena.

Let’s see here:
I’ve submitted one of my children’s books to seventeen different publishing houses.  (These publishing houses are okay with authors submitting elsewhere simultaneously.  For those publishing houses that wish to receive the *only* submission for a certain period of time, I submit other works.  I have five children’s stories ready to go, but choose which ones to submit to where based on the individual publishing houses and their requirements.)
Four of those publishing houses have sent rejection letters.
Those four publishing houses were then sent another one of my children’s books.
^ I am going to keep my name in front of submissions editors for as long as I can.  I love writing and I have plenty of other books to send their way 😉

The first rejection letter was no big deal.  In fact, I received it with a HUGE SMILE on my face.  I kid you not!  I knew rejection was going to happen.  I was prepared for it.  Rejection happens again and again and again and then eventually, someone might say yes.  To me, that rejection letter was the first time I *knew* my book had been read by someone that could have gotten my book into homes everywhere.  When you submit a book, lots of times publishing houses will acknowledge receiving your submission.  I had those notifications.  But an actual rejection…my book had been read!  By a publishing house.  That’s a pretty big deal.  At least, it is in my eyes.

The next rejection stung a little, but I shook it off quickly.

The third rejection came today.  It hurt a little more.

The fourth…okay, I’m ready to not be rejected, haha.

Okay, okay, rejections happen, but I’m so eager to meet the publishing house that says “YES!”

That said…something super exciting DID happen last week:  One of the publishing houses that I submitted to asked for the illustrations that would accompany my book.  (You submit a query and your manuscript first, typically.  Two of my children’s books have illustrations — NOT illustrated by me!  These are at the mercy of the publishing houses to accept or reject.) That request is in no way a guarantee of publishing my book.  However, it is, dare I say, admission to being a little bit interested.

In between all of this, I’ve been writing stories specifically for my children.  Not to ever submit for publishing…just for them.  To have and to hold.  I am both author and illustrator in these stories.  They have no idea that I am not qualified to be an illustrator 😉

One of the sweet things I’ve learned with my children is that they approve.  They accept.  Whether my stories have illustrations or not, color or not, are published or not….just as long as I write them, these kids will cling to every word.  Every.single.word.

And then ask me to tell them the story again.

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