Sending Warmth

Two days ago, ladies from the Nashville area got together for one reason: to send warmth overseas.

It was great! There are 6 beanies completed at this point with several more near completion.  We are well on our way to having 20 beanies for orphans overseas.  I wish I didn’t have to be so vague about where exactly they are going and why they are going specifically to there…but all in time.  All in time.  What I do know is that Saturday, my home was filled with ladies eager to send warmth and love to children without families.

I am humbled when I think back to the time I first went to Michael’s craft store and picked out my first hook and skein of yarn….over 6 years ago.

All I wanted to do was crochet a beanie for my unborn baby.

Pray for the children that will receive these beanies.  That they will feel loved and cared for.  That their hats will keep them warm in the many cold months ahead.

And pray with us: Before the end of the year, we will receive notice of a grant application…whether we will receive any funds or not to help us with this adoption.  Can you be praying with us that the Lord will provide those funds?  And while you pray for us, pray for the grant foundation as they prayerfully make decisions as to which families receive funds.  That has to be a hard position to be in!  And pray for the families that do not receive any funds from this foundation at this time….to not grow weary.  We have been in that spot many times before and it is hard to not be disheartened.

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