Remembering Roman’s Kindergarten Teacher

Tomorrow, my boy begins 1st Grade.

My emotions are not *quite* spilling out of control this year as they were last year.  Several factors, I’m sure, are the cause of this.

But one of the biggest reasons my emotions are doing okay…my heart is doing okay…is because of Roman’s Kindergarten Teacher.

She is everything I could have ever wanted for my son and more.

Last year, I read so.many.blogs to first-time-Kindergarten-moms.  And whoa, did every single one make the tears pour.  And they’re supposed to right?  They are meant to open your eyes and arms to every moment you get with your child.  They are meant to show how quickly time passes.  They are meant to jolt you to treasure.every.second….just in case you aren’t doing that already.

But I don’t recall reading a single blog specifically toward Kindergarten teachers.  I’m SURE there are some.  I just didn’t see any.  And that’s a shame.  Because Roman’s Kindergarten teacher…she taught my heart every day at school.  She loved my heart every day at school.  She kept my heart safe every day at school.  She helped foster my heart’s friendships every day at school.  She made sure my heart had everything he needed while at school.

She knew that while my heart was walking around in her classroom and reading and writing and experimenting and laughing and exploring, I was holding my breath…waiting to pick my heart back up in the car rider line and hug my heart real tight.

She kept in touch with me through a Parent/Teacher App constantly.  She told me how my boy was doing, and she SHOWED me with pictures of his week.  She was always quick to listen and eager to nurture.  My son might not have been her favorite, but she made ME feel like he was.  She made sure I knew how special my son IS.  She made my son feel like “her family.”  And from the conversations I’ve had with many of the other parents, she made them feel the same way <3

And on the last day of Kindergarten, when I picked my boy up for that last day in the car rider  line, my son was so choked up he couldn’t speak for several moments.  I gave him some time and when he finally could tell me what he was feeling, he told me how much he was going to miss his Kindergarten teacher.

This past week, when we went to Open House to meet his 1st Grade teacher (and my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher), my Roman asked to go see his Kindergarten teacher first.  His 1st Grade teacher has a lot to live up to 🙂

If your Kindergartner has a Teacher like Roman’s, she is eager to meet your child.  She is thinking about your child.  She is planning all sorts of exciting and fun ways to teach your child and grow your child’s appreciation for learning.  She will learn what your child is good at and will encourage even more growth!  She will learn where your child struggles and will hold his hand as they struggle together toward success.

If your Kindergartner’s Teacher is like Roman’s, and you are still scared and flooded with emotions and are going to cry for 2 weeks straight every day while your child is at school, that’s okay.  I cried for at least that amount of time.  But then dry those tears and thank the Lord that your child has been placed with such an incredible teacher.  And then relish in every word that comes out of your child’s mouth of what “Mrs. Amy” is teaching him today.  And what she is going to do tomorrow.  And what silly thing she said can sometimes happen.  And how when someone in the class got hurt, she helped them immediately and made sure they’d be okay.

Roman’s Kindergarten Teacher did more than just grew his love of school and learning.  She told me that I’d be okay.  That I’d get through this new season.  And that I could even learn to appreciate a person who for all of Kindergarten gets to have more lunches with my son than I do…and see him for more hours of the day.  

She is incredible.  And those who will be sending their kids off to her this week have been given an incredible gift by getting her as their child’s Kindergarten Teacher.

To Roman’s Kindergarten Teacher, THANK YOU.

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