Relax, Enjoy, and Wait

It has been a long several months.  From having our home on the market, to God making it *abundantly clear* we were not to move, to Ro starting Kindergarten and everything that goes into work and living and parenting, we.are.exhausted.  To have me, this extrovert that wants to be with friends 24/7 to block off this weekend with a huge line on the calendar through it saying “NO SCHEDULING ANYTHING!!!!!!!” you know we have reached max capacity of busy-ness.

Come on Fall Break.  I really need to sleep in.  Please, oh please.

Our Home Study is done.

^ ^ ^ Our Home Study is done.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Profile Books, extra pictures, supporting documents…done.

We are officially waiting.

A friend asked me yesterday how it feels…if I’m already getting impatient.  And truthfully, no.  I’m not.  God is sovereign.  He proved Himself, His faithfulness, His wisdom, countless times in our journey to Zora.  And I was impatient. Boy was I IMPATIENT.  2 1/2 years was a looooooong time to want my daughter in my arms.

But, she came at the perfect time.  And I know, I KNOW, that if God has a little boy out there for us somewhere that he will come home to us at the perfect time, that God has already ordained.

I’m good.  This is great.  The three we have….we have a really great family, friends.  I love my husband. I love our children. We even have the best dog.  We have this simple, crazy, beautiful life that the Lord has given us and I just want to soak it in.  Roman is in Kindergarten meeting people and gaining friends from all walks of life; O is learning so much and curious about everything and talking our ear off…she won’t stop talking, unless it is to sing; and Zo is thriving, wowing us and impressing us with everything she does now.  It is hard to believe my little running, climbing, dancing, fearless daughter wasn’t even walking in January. All 3 of our kids are taking on this world, looking to the sky, and believing they can fly. We have a lot to soak in and enjoy while we wait for what is ahead.

We could’ve wrapped up our Home Study in the spring, back before we decided to pull the trigger and try to sell our house. But our last summer before Kindergarten starting, and being intentional about asking HARD questions, being honest with each other about the *gut wrenching* stuff adoption entails, all gave itself to me having a healthier perspective.

We are waiting.  We could get the call any day.  Or, not get it for years. And I’m good with that.  If Baby Seals #4 is out there, he is going to be here at the proper time.  I have time to just pray right now.  Time to relax.  Time to enjoy our family of 5 and the large grocery bill we pay before it gets even larger.

Paperwork, finances, intrusive questions, autobiographies, medicals, references, 3 background checks…and losing documents and redoing them….all done.  All finished.  It isn’t about anything we can or can’t do to hurry the process along.  It is about sitting back and rejoicing over what God is doing, when and how He does it.

Of course, I do have 2 grant applications open right now because…. adoption is financially costly.  But, it is healthy to take a break from staring at the financial breakdowns they require to come over here and blog 🙂

And post this beauty…. I love it:



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