Rally Update and Profiling

Many of you have asked about the Lipscomb Adoption Rally and if we have an update yet as to how much was raised.

And we do!  Yay!

Lipscomb has been very busy over the last month.  And did you hear? The Bisons are going to March Madness!!  Woo hoo!  Make sure and cheer them on.  We are so grateful to Lipscomb for being a part of our journey to both Zo and Little Brother.

Lipscomb has awarded us $598 from their Adoption Rally to help bring Little Brother home.  We are absolutely thrilled and incredibly grateful for this gift.  From the smallest amount to the largest amount, every gift given to help a family with the financial cost of adoption is HUGE.  It is saying, “every child should have a family.”  It is saying, “I want to be a part of this story.”  It is saying, “welcome home” before we even know the face of who we might be welcoming.  It is saying and being LOVE.

Enough of that mushiness.  I went ahead and updated our Fees Page with the breakdown of fees paid, how much we have raised/set aside for this adoption, and approximately how much remains.

But the biggest question of all: “any update, Emmie, on the adoption?”  I know what that means.

And yes, actually.

Our profile hasn’t been viewed.  A single time.  (By profile, I mean the book we put together of our family including letters to the birth family and details about every member of our little tribe…this also includes letters that Ro and O enthusiastically wrote to “Little Brother” and the birth family.)  The reason for us not being shown yet?  Well….

We have children.

Our agency has had a long period of birth families that are only interested in families with no children.

Part of me just wants to say, “give them 5 minutes with my kids and listen to how they have welcomed and surrounded and loved Zo, and just let the friendship and love between these 3 propel you to HAVE to look at our profile.”

But the largest part of me says, “I wouldn’t change that for the world.”  What I mean by that is, these kids of mine…whoa, what a blessing.  And I’m not a birth family but I absolutely will respect and love the birth families of our children.  If this is the reason we haven’t been viewed, I 100% trust that our birth family just hasn’t walked through our agency’s doors yet.  And I 100% trust that God’s timing is perfect and beautiful and GOOD.  And if I have to listen to Ro and O pray for “Little Brother” the exact same way Ro use to pray for “little brother/little sister,” I will let every prayer melt my heart.  Because the sweet sound of hearing my children pray for “Little Brother to Come Home Soon” is a beautiful prayer to hear and one that we will all joyfully watch the Lord unfold when He decides in His infinite wisdom, it is time.

So we continue on and soak up the time we have in this moment.

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