Loops of Love

I have not taught crochet classes since we were in the process to adopt Zo.

And that is just crazy!

I love teaching others how to crochet, or bead, or whatever!  So, Loops of Love is coming back 🙂  Soon, too!!!

I have had several people mention the ‘little red hats for babies’ and did I know about it.  You know what: this kind of stuff is just GREAT to do TOGETHER!

SO, on Giving Tuesday (that is 1 week from today, November 28), in the evening from 6-8, I will host a class here at my house to crochet little red hats for babies.  I will supply the red yarn and the hooks.  If you love crocheting (which I bet you will!) you can take extra yarn home with you and make as many as you can.  Here is a link to learn more about red hats, why red hats, what we will do with the red hats, etc.

Then, 2 weeks after that, on December 12, from 6-8, I will host a class to crochet several Octopuses for NICU babies.  Why an Octopus?  You can read why here.  Then we will ship off the Octopuses to the adoption agency we are going through this journey to hand out to the little babies in NICU in the Memphis area.

Who can come?
Anyone wanting to learn how to crochet and/or just wants to pass on some love.

Well, back when I taught to raise money during our first adoption journey, it was $20 a class.  But, I also know that some people really wanted to come, but just couldn’t donate that much.  This is less about raising money and more about spreading love to babies and their families.  So, if you want to pay, I will have a little bottle with a ‘suggested donation’ of $10.  This is not a requirement.  Please do not let that keep you from coming!!

If you are not able to come on either of those Tuesday nights but would love to learn, let me know.  Maybe we can arrange a crocheting class PARTY at your home and you can invite friends.  Crocheting is a skill the Lord gave me that I simply find joy in sharing with others.

So let’s Crochet some hats and octopuses!

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