Looking Back and Looking Forward

I was just looking through a page from our journey to Zo…

The Tracking Tuesday page.

I haven’t looked through that in such a long time.  (For those who weren’t following that journey, I had a page dedicated to tracking blessings day to day.  A $3 donation one day, someone unprompted asking us about our journey, a child’s pennies from her piggy bank one day, a $10k donation another day, reaching the $17k raised mark, the $28k raised mark, etc.)  I haven’t been tracking it this journey on our blog.  I actually think I will start tracking it in a little journal that will become little brother’s journal. (Yes, apart from blogging, I also journal.  I journal mine and Zane’s lives, from even before we started dating!  I journal separately for each of our kids.  And no….I do not keep them all up to date all the time.  Not even close.  I also scrap book.  For all kids separately.  There is not enough time in the day for all of this!!!!)

Yesterday, we received $50 for my necklaces.  That just seems like such a big deal.  Every time I see that adoption fund go up this journey…it is just such a big deal and blessing to my heart.  I’m really thankful for that <3

Yesterday was also a super big day because I had my final meeting, pre-submissions, with a friend who has been advising me through this “aspiring author” dream.  My books, edited.  My query letter, cover letter, personal bio = done.  Next week, the submissions will start happening and oh how I pray that the Lord goes before every submission, via email or post mail, and that the right publishing house for my books reaches out, excited and eager to get my books onto store book shelves and into the homes and little hands of children everywhere.

I’ve got several 2018 aspirations.  But, seeing my stories potentially published and in my children’s hands, and the hands of children everywhere, especially those children that were adopted, and continuing to write as Zo’s relationship unfolds with her little brother yet to be met….yes, that is my biggest goal for this year.

I will keep you posted.

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