Long Awaited

Last year, it was a Sunday.  Before heading to the hospital, I lingered a few hours at the Ronald McDonald House for one reason.  Zane was preaching for the first time at our church, and I wasn’t there.  My parents were, his parents were…his wife wasn’t.  Someone turned their phone on for me (I can’t remember who) so I could listen to the worship service and *hopefully* hear Zane’s sermon.  The music was wonderful….I could hear that.  I could not hear any of Zane’s preaching…but I stayed on the phone the whole time hoping to catch something (good thing it was recorded so I could listen later!).

After the service, he went straight to the airport.  Boarded the plane.  And headed our way.

I was excited.  I had spent several days with Zora and was eager to introduce her to her Daddy.  Who knows how many times I whispered to her that day that “Daddy is coming.  Daddy is coming!”

I left the hospital around 9:30 pm to go pick up Zane.  I waited at the bottom of the escalator in the airport and could barely handle it.  Watching him come down the escalator toward me was exhilarating.  And he was so excited to either meet Zora or see me that he nearly knocked me over 🙂

On the short 5 minute drive from the airport to the hospital, I nearly ran a stop sign and went the wrong way on a one-way street…and I was the one that had been driving those roads for days!  Seriously, don’t drive while excited.

Then we make it to the hospital, at 11 p.m.  I give the passcode to be allowed into NICU and show Zane the sanitizing technique he will be doing multiple times a day…NICU mommas know this method well.  Your hands and arms become absolutely raw from scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing any potential, harmful germ off of your skin.

We enter the wing she is in and I hand one of the nurses our camera to record the meeting.  I’m pretty sure we had 4 nurses taking a moment to watch this….we had collectively been waiting for Zora’s Daddy to arrive.  And the NICU nurses were all tears.

The moment was here.


Zora was now with both her parents <3

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