Journey to 1

The Lord has spoken to both of us, separately, and when we talked about it it was clear this is what is best.  And that the Lord has guided us here.  Rather than adopting 2 this time around, we will adopt 1 child.  There are many reasons for this, the most important being that the Lord was placing this on both of our hearts, the same day, without either of us realizing the other was leaning heavily towards this.

The truth is, we want to be the best parents possible to our children.  An adopted child that has spent any length of time in an orphanage is going to need more attention than we can imagine right now in order to feel loved and secure.  If we were to bring home 2 this first time around, we risk Roman and Éowyn feeling neglected…and in truth, they might be to some degree.  We would focus so much attention on our 2 new children and meeting their needs that we are just learning, individually, as we get to know their personalities, that we wouldn’t be able to give all of our children the love and attention they need.  That isn’t okay with either of us.

Not to mention, if we brought home 2, we would likely have 4 under 4…and quite possibly 3, 2 and under, if not 3 under 2.  That is a whole lot.  The Lord has shown us how difficult 2 under 2 can be, and how important it is to give both children the attention they need.  Perhaps the Lord allowed us to have 4 1/2 months of 2 under 2 to help us *get* why He is leading us to 1 this time around, rather than 2.

I hope you all understand.  I hope you all agree with us that this is wise.  And furthermore, I hope that you all continue to pray for us, pray for our future child, and our current children as God continues to lead us into this calling.  The humbling calling.  To the child God planned on us being the parents to before time began:  “We are coming for you!”

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