Introducing Our Son

Our son was born.

If you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, click here so you can read the last post.

I still laugh sometimes when I think about how this all came to be.  Not in a “this is so funny” sort of way, but in an overwhelmed with joy and surprise sort of way.

God is good.  And gracious.  And kind.  And He saw fit to give us another son.  Another precious child through the act of adoption.  And suddenly, we became a party of 6.

This journey has looked vastly different than our journey to Zo.  (If you missed that journey, you can read about it here.)  For one, it wasn’t a 2 1/2 year journey.  Two, our little man was born in our home state.  Three, we met our son’s birth mother before hand.  Four, we had 3 weeks to wrap our mind around the idea that we would no longer be on the journey of fostering, but rather adopting.  And so many other ways.

We were able to share pictures of our little Zo the moment we met her.  In this case, we haven’t been allowed to say anything.  Nothing.  He has been home with us for several days now, and even then, we could not speak about him on social media.  We haven’t even been allowed to text the grandparents a picture of their newest grandbaby.

We have had to lock it down, people!  And I’ve been dying to show pictures.  I’ve been dying to tell you about him.  I’ve been dying to tell you that the Lord has given us four beautiful children to teach and raise and nourish.  I’ve been dying to tell you that our son’s name means “Praise” and quite frankly, the Lord deserves all praise.  He has shielded our son and nurtured our son and proven His sovereignty over this whole situation again and again and again.  And it is amazing.  I look at my boy and praise my Father.  I speak to, think of, pray for our son’s birth mother and praise my Father.  Gracious, there is so much to praise God for!


Our boy is growing every day.  He had a little bit of a rocky start that landed him in NICU for several days.  But that is behind him now.  He is just as snuggly as can be, and in comparison to two of our other children, who shall remain nameless, he sleeps like an absolute champ.



We are in love with him.  All of us.

Ro wakes up early before school so he can get in some snuggle time with Baby Brother.  O stares at him and smothers him with kisses and has been the most diligent about drawing him pictures 🙂  Zo is my little helper.  She loves doting on him and giving me all the necessary wipes for diapers and snuggling up next to me while I hold him.  She is just so proud of him.

And I love watching my two youngest together.  They will understand each other in ways that I never will.  They will be able to share their feelings and thoughts with each other knowing that the other gets it.  Seeing Miss Zo love on him is just…amazing.

Without further ado, I introduce Thaddeus.  We are humbled again and again to welcome him into our family.  God has brought us so much joy through this new arrival.

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