Why Adoption

Why Adopt, Emmie???

It was March 2004, and I was on a Mission Trip through my college ministry, The House.  The House sends people out on Mission Trips for Spring Break, and me wanting to work with inner city kids, I had my hopes on going to New York to work with street children and the homeless.  My mom actually was the one who rerouted me, from staying in the states, to going overseas to serve in High Schools, Gypsy Villages, and Baby Orphanages in the beautiful country of Romania.  She said, and I remember so clearly, “I think God has a lot to teach you and will in Romania.”  Now we all know that God can teach us anywhere, and no mother in her right mind would send her child to a developing country rather than keeping them in the states…unless that Mother was allowing God to speak through her and trusting God to give her child a hope and a future like He promises.

So that is where I went.  To Romania.  And it was there, while holding a baby in that Romanian Orphanage, that I knew I was going to adopt one day.

Since then I have hungered and thirsted for God to bring to fulfillment that particular calling He has put on my heart.  Later on in college, I learned I had cysts, many of them, that would rupture several times a week, and that the likelihood of me 1)getting pregnant or 2) carrying a child full-term, was highly unlikely.  When I told Zane this, before we were even engaged, but knew we would get married one day, I told him I was thankful it happened to me.  I was passionate about adopting anyways.  Better me have cysts than someone else who would never consider adoption.

Then, after a horrible cyst rupturing in 2010, we began praying that God would heal me.  And He did.  And we immediately became pregnant with our son, Roman.  But being able to conceive did not take away God’s calling on my heart to adopt, nor did it lessen my desire to do so.  If anything, it made me long even more to bring my adopted babies home!

Zane had known since he met me that I longed to adopt one day.  And he was definitely open to it…if God placed the desire in his heart. But he needed to know that he could love an adopted child as much as one he helped create.  It was the moment that Roman was placed in his arms that he knew he could.  I will never forget being in the hospital, after delivering our son, and hearing Zane say, “I can love our adopted children this much.”

But adoption is so much more than becoming a child’s parents.  It is more than ‘completing’ our family.  It is something God has called us to do.  He will not leave the fatherless orphaned.  He says, “let the little children come to me.”  He adopted me into His family.  I have never known greater love, nor will I ever know greater love, than being adopted by my Father.  When God calls us to do something, I have not found the callings to be ‘easy,’ ‘pain-free,’ or ‘quick and simple.’  I have no delusions about the road before us.  I realize it will be long, tiring, difficult, overwhelming, and then we bring our children home.  That is when the responsibility of parenting in God’s ways, training them in the way they should go, teaching them about Jesus…that is when our wonderful privilege and overwhelming responsibility will be on an endless road, with no breaks.  Continual ‘go’ mode.

This is more than becoming a Mommy to another child.  This is a ministry where the love that God has blessed me with and shown me, and the grace He has laid before my feet, I get to pour in to someone else, to adopt them, and show just a little glimpse on this earth of what He has done for me.  I am humbled that God has chosen me for this journey.  I am blessed beyond words.  I am clinging to Him and looking forward to the children He chose Zane and I for so long ago.

Why adopt, Zane???

God was gracious enough to give me a wife who cares so much for other people. When we met, I had never really given any thought to adopting. Emmie made it very clear from the beginning that she wanted to adopt.  I think she has already described a little bit above about my journey, so I won’t rehash it all here. Basically, after the birth of our first son, I really felt like I could love another child as my own. God placed it on my heart to adopt, and here we are in the middle of our journey to adoption.

One other thing–I think adopting a child is a great picture of our relationship with God. Through no effort or merit of our own, God willingly reaches down and chooses to adopt some of us as his children. What better way to glorify God than by imitating this action by choosing a fatherless child to adopt! And one day, I pray that God will adopt all our children, just as he has adopted Emmie and me.

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