Get that on a Shirt

I’m sitting here snuggled up with my girls while my boy is at school.

Today, instead of me walking him to the door, he wanted to be dropped off in the car rider line.  Those who know him know this is a pretty big deal that HE chose this.  He just walked right in.  Of course, I was definitely that mom that got out of the car to get a good hug….you can judge me and say “you shouldn’t do that!” all you want, but I’m not about to feel guilty.

I needed that good hug.  And even with it, while driving away, I felt like I had forgotten something.  Boy did I miss holding his hand as we walked across the parking lot to drop him off at the door.  My boy is growing up.  I know this.  I’m still waiting for it to get easier.

It is allowing for a lot of extra snuggles and play time with the girls.  Ro and O have always been best friends, and when we brought Zo home, she immediately became smitten with her brother.  But this…having Ro in school…it is making for a sweet friendship between the girls.  O has taken it upon herself to teach Zo as much as she can in regards to Tea Party etiquette, how to make dolls play, how to dance…without getting dizzy….how to paint her nails <–I mean, the nail painting could be worse I’m sure…and it could be better 😉

And I’m soaking it in.  I’m enjoying this ‘slower pace’ of how I’m *attempting* to do things.  Making sure to spend quality time with the kids.  Have the hug last longer.  Read an extra bed time story.  Listen to Let it Go one more time…or twenty.  (FYI for those of you who think you have successfully graduated from the stage of listening to that song 20 million times a day…newsflash.  If you have another kiddo that hears it…ONCE…Frozen is thrust back into your life.  Zo is now…OBSESSED.  I look forward to getting on the other side of it again.  And with Baby Seals #4…well, we will just need to burn the soundtrack and the movie before he ever knows it exists.  I.cannot.handle.this.much.REPEAT.)

Someone asked me yesterday about a custom order, and how many I will be accepting this season.  Truth, I don’t know…will I do some? Yep.  But in the interest of being a good steward in all things…including with the 3 children I already have….I insist on doing this journey differently.  Keeping these 3 in mind, knowing this is a ‘waiting period,’ not wanting to sacrifice every free moment I have with my husband, I’m going to have healthy boundaries set up.  If you want a beanie, please get the order in sooner than later.  In order for me to be a good steward with my time and my family, I will not be accepting ‘rush orders.’

That said, you’ve heard me say this before and I’m sure I will say it again: “there is Purpose in the Wait.”  I have it printed on a bracelet.  I have it engraved in my heart.  I have it on repeat in my brain.  I’m so thankful to Josh Brown for telling me that when we were waiting on Zora.

And now, I have it on a shirt.  Woo hoo for adoption tshirts!!!  (But really, there is Purpose in every Wait so these shirts can be for all people at all times anywhere.)  They come in multiple colors and sizes, including toddler sizes!!!  The women’s slim fit runs small so do order a size or two up.  And, they go to help bring multiple children home.  I’m all about my Village and doing this journey together.  I’m all about being a part of other people’s stories and making adoption a reality for children in need of family.  I absolutely LOVE seeing the faces of children that, by God’s grace alone, I’ve been a part of bringing home.  Having a tshirt that serves as an encouragement to parents in “the long wait” and helps make orphans sons and daughters….yeah, I’m all about that.

So go to this link and order a shirt (or one for the whole family!).  I have a blurb on the site about two of the families these shirts will help.  As we are able to share more, I will.  And believe me, you want to know more about those stories and you want to be a part of them <3


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