I believe in Transparency!  In the journey to Zora, the Lord provided $39,000 through craft shows, open house fundraisers, custom orders, and random beautiful events!

We are eager and prayerful to watch all the Lord does in this journey.  Over 300 people partnered with us to bring Zo home.  We already have people lining up to bring Baby Seals #4 home!

Below you will see the Fees.  If a fee is paid, it will read as so.  If we have raised some of the cost, it will say that as well!

Home Study Update Fee: $700 – Paid

Post Adoption Report Fee: $450 – Paid  

Application Fee: $300Paid (due to have our profiles read by birth parents and officially be waiting)

Agency Fee: $16,088 Needed.  $11,018 Raised. (due when matched with Baby Seals #4…or Toddler Seals #4!  When we get “the call,” we must have all of this to say “YES!”)

(Birth Mother Medical Fees: $0-3,000 (depending on individual situations) – $0 raised (due when birth mother has child))

Total: $17,538-20,538 (if our birth mother has medical fees)
Raised: $12,468
Still Need: $5,070- 8,070.