Envelope of Love

A friend of ours told us about a really cool, fun game, if you will, of fundraising.  If people jump on board and support it, we could have almost all of the fees raised, from the USA side of things.  Want to know about it?  Envelopes.  150 envelopes.  We would number them, 1 through 150.  We need 150 people.  A person can select their own number, or randomly draw one (we can generate it online, or you can draw in person, etc).  Whatever number you draw, say #37, you would donate $37.  Make sense?  If all 150 envelopes are taken, it would raise over $11,000 for us!  Isn’t that incredible!?

Now, we realize that we have tons of people in our lives that would LOVE to donate but simply cannot at this time.  Maybe that is you.  Well, do you think you could find 3 people in YOUR life that would play this game?  If so, we could send you 3 random envelopes, or they can choose 3 different numbers themselves, and donate that way.  Whether you give personally, or you encourage others to give, it doesn’t matter to us 🙂  We are just blessed, humbled, and incredibly thankful to have you encouraging us on our journey!

So who is in?  We have 2 people signed up already.  Want to get in on the fun?

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