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We are a family of 4, plus our dog, Caprica.  We have been married since April 2009, and after a move to Georgia for grad school and a move to Tennessee for a job, God has planted our roots just outside of Nashville.  We have two wonderful children, a very active, fun son, and a precious, calm daughter.  Our dog has the energy of a Labrador puppy, and a tail that you want to steer clear of if it is wagging.

We love the Lord and feel incredibly blessed that He has called us to adopt.  After knowing the beauty of being adopted as His child, we know that adopting a child (or children!) is one of the most beautiful examples of what Christ has done for us through the cross that we can display…we pray He displays His love brightly through our lives and our actions.


Zane loves Lord of the Rings, comics, reading, writing, and wrestling with his energetic son…and singing Let it Go with his sweet girl!

Emmie loves crafting, music, singing/playing flute/piano, and spending time with her wonderful family!  Along with cookies, donuts, chocolate, laughter, karaoke, and dance parties with the kids to disney songs.

Roman loves and is obsessed with super heroes, all food that his parents try to keep him from eating too much of (i.e. desserts, chocolate, etc), chasing Caprica around, playing hide and seek, reading books to his sister and tackling his daddy.

Éowyn loves laughing, giggling, singing, dancing, play-doh, pony tails, stickers, books, blowing kisses to absolutely everyone and is just the most joyful little girl in the world.

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